Studio History

San Diego native, Brett Ellis has been a mainstay in the San Diego music scene for over 20 years. In 2008 as a guitarist/singer/songwriter yearning to cut the sickest sounding hard rock and blues album, Brett found himself unsatisfied after having spent $6,000 to cut a demo that far from delivered the quality he expected. As an artist demanding the best sounding rock album possible, he’d grown frustrated with studios and engineers who relied on audio enhancing tricks that made their demos sound fat online yet the reality of the end product falling sadly short. Maxing out his credit card, Brett skeptically booked another studio session in hopes of realizing his vision. When the studio manager failed to show up that day and the only person present was the engineer whom he’d never met, Steve Russell, Brett immediately walked out of his session.  Steve managed to successfully coax him back into the studio and after a couple hours of working together Brett knew he’d finally found the one and only engineer whom he would forever entrust his musical projects to.


Spawned by Brett’s desire to continue recording albums with Steve but at a rate that was more attainable for him, the two of them teamed up and built their own private studio. The entire build out of this studio centered on what would generate the best possible sound. No money was wasted on the frills of decorating and visual appeal. This was to be a sacred space where only those serious about making music would come.


Originally intended solely as a private studio for Brett & Steve, the vision was never to open it to the public. In no time though, after hearing the sound coming out of this underground space, Brett & Steve’s friends started inquiring about recording their projects there. Slowly the demands to record in this special environment became deafening and the two opened the doors to the public as an invitation-only studio.



BIO | Steve "The Chef" Russell

San Diego based recording engineer, who besides his technical genius is arguably the best recording engineer in San Diego. Working with just about every one from P.O.D to Convoy to every hard rock band to blast out of the speakers from San Diego, it is likely that if your record sounds like a million bucks it came from Russell.

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